Aims and Objectives - Conservation and Volunteering in Wales

ABC’s purpose is to help support the local community and to encourage appreciation of the contribution that vernacular architecture has made over time – encapsulating the skills and history of generations of hill farmers, how they lived their lives and created a community around themselves. ABC will focus on buildings that are generally not listed, but which represent the built form within the landscape developed by people and activities that have defined the area and given it its character.

ABC’s objectives are to preserve for the benefit of the people of Carmarthenshire and Powys, Wales and of the Nation, the historical and constructional heritage that may exist in and around Carmarthenshire and Powys in buildings (including any structure or erection and any part of a building as so defined) of particular beauty or historical, architectural or constructional interest.

ABC’s aims are to

  1. Preserve and restore ancient and historic, principally, vernacular buildings
  2. Work with local Communities to identify buildings at risk
  3. Identify with local communities opportunities for preservation, interpretation and regeneration, and any other activities in support of the charity's objects


June 2017

By popular demand! Come along and enjoy our exhibition ‘Dereliction’ for a little bit longer, at the Tywi Centre, Dinefwr Farm, Llandeilo, during the week between Monday 26th June and Thursday 29th June (10am - 3pm)


A photographic exhibition of the abandoned buildings of South West Wales

ABC invites you to come and view ‘Dereliction’ at the Tywi Centre, Dinefwr Farm, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire from 19th to 22nd June 2017. 

The exhibition is being held to draw attention to the great number of historically significant derelict vernacular buildings across the region, and the cultural loss that their decline, without recognition or record represents.

This exhibition will also showcase work carried out during ABC’s ‘Grass Roots Heritage’ Project.

Opening Hours

Monday 19th June            10am-3.00pm

Tuesday  20th June           10am-3.00pm

Wednesday 21st June    10am-7.30pm

Thursday 22nd June          10am-3.00pm

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